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HB Tutoring is different… “but how??”, you ask…
Well we don’t just farm your enquiry straight out to the first tutor who is available near you, we add a huge amount of extra value!

Find A Tutor

Finding a tutor for your child is an area which we take very seriously. This is so important, and this is why we like to speak with parents to find out about your child or yourself. What one person finds is a great tutor may not be so good for the next person.

We like to start the way which we mean to carry, after all our children and our education are one of the most important factors within life and we are here to ensure the learning journey is smooth, interesting and fun.

Become a Tutor

If you wish to join one of the fastest growing tuition agencies in the UK then becoming a tutor with HB Tutoring is like joining a new family. We will help you along the way with your teaching and offer everything we can to assist you along the way.

Many people who apply for the role of tutor unfortunately don’t make our strict requirements, we will select the best, and in doing so we want you to stay with us.


We really get to know you and your child. Once we’ve taken everything into account, we send the best tutor for you to you. We control the whole process from start to finish, guaranteeing the best possible outcomes!

We want to speak with you, in depth, find out about your child, any fears? Likes and dislikes? Have they had any stresses? Illness we should know about. I want to be open and approachable, only once we know this information can we provide the most appropriate tutor, please don’t worry about asking for a male tutor, female tutor, older/younger. All of this must be right, and nobody knows your child or yourself for adult education better than you!

A Word

From Our Principal

“HB Tutoring, your personal, private home tutor service, was founded by me, after working for 20 years within the education system. HB Tutoring is about showing children and older students we believe in them, and we will work with them but never against them. Children want to please and make us proud, we enable them to do so!”

– Helen Boyle

Key Subjects

HB Tutoring provide a wide range of subjects for home study tutoring. We offer both core & foundation subjects, alongside professional qualifications and learning support. If you can’t find a subject you need, please let us know, many of our tutors are skilled in a range of subjects.

All students approach the subject of maths very differently, a lot of my students will at first say they dislike the subject until they realise how much we do use maths, there are factors of maths which are more challenging. however in all of my years of teaching I have never met anyone who can’t be taught maths.

The biggest challenge is to identify the correct teacher to teach maths, the student is never a challenge as teaching is adapted to the way the student learns and feels comfortable, yes we will push you on through the curriculum and work with schools however we will go at the students pace and move on only once they have a thorough understanding of the topic.

We all know the importance of English both in education, the work environment and in daily life. English is the most commonly used language throughout the world and studying both English Language and English literature can be a challenge especially when we read Shakespeare.

We are experienced in this field and our patient tutors will work with you to help with the study of both English literature and English language. After all English tuition can be applied to your other subjects such as History, Geography, Religious Studies and all other core subjects.

Science is so important in today’s world, and we have a lot to thank our current scientists for, as well as, equally important, is the encouragement of students to study science. Whether science is studied at GCSE level, A level or Degree level it is always a privilege to be part of a student’s journey within this subject.

We take the role of providing tutors very seriously in all subjects. and working closely with schools, students and the ever-changing curriculum requirements our study programmes help to make our science students want to learn more and enquire more about the world around us in this most fascinating subject.

Computing is now in our everyday lives and is here to help us at whatever stage of life we are at. The study of computing is ever changing and students who study this subject have a keen knowledge of what is required and a love for technology. Some people love technology and some loath technology, however, we all use it and we have to admit it makes our lives easier.

Our Computer tutors have a vast interest in this subject and are constantly updated with the changing curriculum requirements. Our tutors will help students develop algorithms, identify test procedures, design suitable input and output formats and many other aspects of the course.

Business Studies
Business studies gives students the insights to what is required behind every successful business, this could be helpful if they want to be a key part in working within business or in the future wish to run their own business.

Our business studies tuition is tailored to support you within your course requirements. Some students after studying business Studies wish to focus on one aspect after the course, this could be accountancy, finance, organisation or economics, as business studies itself is a broad subject in the social sciences.



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Why Is English An Important Subject To Study?

Why Is English An Important Subject To Study?

We believe English is one of the most important subjects to study The English language is forever evolving to reflect our changing lives. Language changes allow us to accommodate new ideas, technologies, and inventions. English is also one of the most taught languages...


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