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Children with Dyslexia can find the school curriculum extremely challenging and stressful. Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty which is very specific in the way which it effects a person’s ability such as reading and writing.

It is believed that 1 in 10 people suffer from dyslexia. Dyslexia will affect a person throughout their life presenting challenges on a daily basis. With the correct dyslexia tutoring support within reading and writing, students can be successful within their school studies.

For parents who suspect their child has dyslexia, it can be very worrying indeed, your first point of call would be to discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher or to the schools SENCO department. These teachers will be able to advise you accordingly, and as a parents, you have taken the initial first step to support your child prior to getting further support via dyslexia tutoring.

Throughout the school day your child may require additional support within the classroom. The support may be offered in a variety of ways i.e.:

Small Group Lessons
A few children may be taken out from the class to work separately, enabling them to receive dedicated time targeting phonics and reading skills. Teachers will be able to observe how individual children work and of their understanding of what is being asked by the teacher. 

In class support
A dedicated teacher will support students within the class ensuring they are absorbing the lesson and of what is being asked of them, the teacher will work around a few students and may be based on a specific table working with children ensuring they are engaged and have an understanding of what is being asked of them by the teacher.

The use of Technology
Students – especially older students may have the use of a laptop within class making it easier for teachers to read their writing and for ease of the student to understand the tasks which have been set.

What are the signs of Dyslexia?

A Person with dyslexia may shows some of the following tell-tale signs:

  • A person may confuse the order of letters within words
  • They may read and write very slowly
  • Poor inconsistent spelling
  • Find difficult of carrying out a sequence of directions when given the instruction verbally
  • Struggle with planning and organising

People with Dyslexia often have very good skills in other areas such as creativity, problem solving and creative thinking, hiring expert dyslexia tutoring support will ensure your child is able to show their true potential.

What can parents / carers do to help children with Dyslexia?

Communication with professionals is of primary importance when supporting a child with dyslexia, as it can all too quickly develop into children falling behind with their school work and starting to loose confidence with themselves.

We can supply qualified dyslexia tutoring support via tutors who are experienced in teaching students with dyslexia.

We liaise with schools and copy parents into these conversations via email, as we know how important for the child’s success that we all liaise together and mirror what happens in school at home to ensure the student is able to have a deeper understanding of the subject knowledge and of what is being asked of them.

We also request test results, in areas where students may have lost marks, our tutors will work on these specific areas over the next half term, thus ensuring there are no gaps forming within the subject being studied for.

Will my child get support within his / her exams?

Students studying for their GCSE’s or A levels who have Dyslexia will receive additional time for suiting their exams, they may be sat 1-1 whilst they have their exams with a teacher or they may be sat within a small group.

We have examination officers who have many years of experience with marking exams. Therefore when they work with students with Dyslexia they will focus on exam technique, as well as curriculum content. We will also confirm with the school the amount of additional time and materials being used within the exam by the student enabling us to fully prepare students for their exams.

Wherever you are, whatever subject you need and whenever you need it, HB Tutoring expert dyslexia tutoring support can help. We are passionate about education and our mission is to help as many young people as we can unleash their amazing potential on the World!

Contact us to find an online tutor that is perfect for you today, we look forward to helping you!


How to Tell If My Child Has Dyslexia?
  • Children confuse letters and numbers
  • The order of letters and numbers may be incorrect
  • Carrying out sequences may prove difficult for some children
  • Organising and planning are not as straight forward
How to support my child with Dyslexia?
  • Technology is a great resource for people with Dyslexia, technology such as the use of a laptop enables students to be organised, prevents them from losing notes and can assist with their spelling.
  • Phonics work can be of huge benefit, you may find it a good idea to write phonics onto a pebble so that children have something to hold and associate with the sound as they are learning it.
What Causes Dyslexia?

The cause of Dyslexia is not fully known, we do know that it can run in families and can therefore be identified as hereditary.

What Can I do to help my child If I suspect he/she may have Dyslexia?

The first thing to do if you suspect your child may have Dyslexia is to speak with your child’s teacher, they have contacts with organisations, as well as the schools SEN department who will be able to help support within class and apply teaching techniques to help your child learn.

How Common Is Dyslexia?

It is thought that around 20% of thew population suffers from Dyslexia.



What Parents are Saying

"Our son is home tutored and receiving tuition from HB Tutoring. HB Tutoring deal with the local council and arrange our son to sit exams as an external candidate. This is a great help to us and takes a weight off our minds, thank you."
G. Philips

"Our family recently moved areas. We remained with HB Tutoring and they gave us a new tutor and helped our children’s education carry on smoothly as they liaised with the schools and our tutors both worked with HB Tutoring. This was very helpful as English is not our mother tongue."
K. Lenwovsky


"George is doing so well. His English teachers were both surprised and delighted with his mock results"
S. Cairns



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