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Children with Dyscalculia can find the school curriculum extremely challenging and stressful, our specialist Dyscalculia tutors are there to help!

Developmental Dyscalculia (DD / Dyscalculia) is a specific learning disorder which is characterized by impairments with learning basic arithmetic facts, processing numerical magnitude and performing accurate and fluent calculations.

Dyscalculia often occurs in association with various other learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD/ADD. In order for an educational psychologist to diagnose a student with dyscalculia, these difficulties in mathematical ability must therefore be quantifiably below what is expected for an individual’s chronological age, and also must not be caused by poor educational or daily activities or by any other intellectual impairments.

Many Students with dyscalculia can sometimes have difficulty when counting backwards, they may generally have a poor sense of number and estimation and have no sense of whether any answers that are obtained are correct or almost right.

Often dyscalculia can go unidentified for many years and students attend a regular mainstream or specialist school without the correct strategies in place that are required for their particular learning difficulty. This can then cause students to lose confidence and find school a challenge often leading to behavioral and emotional problems.

For students with dyscalculia, private dyscalculia tuition can focus on building the pupils confidence with numbers and the private tutor may work in closely with the school and other educational support staff to ensure that the student is working on similar topics at home and in school.

HB Tutoring when working with our students with SEN will monitor the academic progress and increase in confidence experienced in school and at home.



What Parents are Saying

"Our son is home tutored and receiving tuition from HB Tutoring. HB Tutoring deal with the local council and arrange our son to sit exams as an external candidate. This is a great help to us and takes a weight off our minds, thank you."
G. Philips

"Our family recently moved areas. We remained with HB Tutoring and they gave us a new tutor and helped our children’s education carry on smoothly as they liaised with the schools and our tutors both worked with HB Tutoring. This was very helpful as English is not our mother tongue."
K. Lenwovsky


"George is doing so well. His English teachers were both surprised and delighted with his mock results"
S. Cairns



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