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Creativity is the focus of the course. Learners under our art tutors will develop knowledge of art and design practices by studying artists and designers and their work. They will also develop an understanding of expressive and design processes.

Art education is an extremely important aspect of the curriculum. Children of all ages can benefit from art tutors and love to get involved in art, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like the feel of clay, dough and other materials oozing through our fingers?  Many of the skills which are developed during the early years whilst children access the art curriculum can be transferred to other areas of their school life later on, like colour mixing, creating new colours and shades, cutting, creating sculptures with dough and even paining a pebble, these are all exciting and amazing explorative areas for children and their curiosity to access. Art tutoring is growing in popularity and the benefits are substantial.

Hand and eye co-ordination.

Art is able to help develop hand and eye co-ordination in younger children as well as those who may have a disability. Various aspects of art demand artists to be very precise in their work and many young artists like to add minute detail to their work, all of which is developing this extremely important hand and eye co-ordination which can also be transferred to other areas of the curriculum, all greatly assisted via private home art tutors.


A student’s creativity is enhanced by art as during art time children are encouraged to be as creative as their minds will allow, and we already know the capacity of their imagination, so seeing this in art can be truly amazing. Children pick up influences from their everyday life, now what they see with their eyes is one thing, however interoperating this into words can be very challenging – putting these influences into art is a great way as children are less likely to be corrected if there interpretations are in the form of art as in this subject there is rarely a right of wrong answer.


A students concentration is developed through art, thus art tutoring is so important to help them as children more often than not want to finish their art work and don’t look kindly to stopping half way through and coming back to finish it another day, and who could blame them either? With so many ideas buzzing around their head and observing their creation coming to reality in front of their eyes, I’m sure we can all see the benefits of art.


Our budding artist’s love to explore with colours and techniques, and colour mixing just comes into its own. We are truly able to see a child’s self-expression through art. This could be dark colour or vibrant bright days, does a child’s art represent the type of day they are having? Does it represent the weather outside? Observations of a Childs art can be so interesting from an adult’s point of view. Its vital children and young people are confident in expressing themselves in this modern age, our art tutors can help.

As students enter high school we are able to see technology and art come together and the creations which can be made. We are all aware for the demand for art within games, web page design, videos illustrations etc. Art tutoring can help young people progress into very lucrative careers.

Art is so relaxing and in our fast paces world and the sales of adult colouring books, we are able to identify with the relaxation which art can bring to us. HB Tutoring have many art tutors who are able to help children use art in a variety of ways, maybe it is to help children with stress or anxiety, or possible to help them if it is at GCSE level. HB Tutoring have art tutors at all levels who are able to come and work with you to achieve your desired level of art.

Advantage of taking art at GCSE

Some students may find art relaxing, meaning it can be a very worthwhile subject to take alongside other more intense subjects, as well as this some students may panic as the exam time approaches, with the study of art it is generally course work based and therefore the pressure of having an exam is not always necessary and students are assessed on their art throughout the academic year.

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"Our son is home tutored and receiving tuition from HB Tutoring. HB Tutoring deal with the local council and arrange our son to sit exams as an external candidate. This is a great help to us and takes a weight off our minds, thank you."
G. Philips

"Our family recently moved areas. We remained with HB Tutoring and they gave us a new tutor and helped our children’s education carry on smoothly as they liaised with the schools and our tutors both worked with HB Tutoring. This was very helpful as English is not our mother tongue."
K. Lenwovsky


"George is doing so well. His English teachers were both surprised and delighted with his mock results"
S. Cairns



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