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A high-quality computer science education can equip students to use both creativity as well as computational thinking, in order to improve computer servers, computer networks and computer systems. The core of all computer science is the knowledge and ability of computing. Therefore a qualified and experienced computer tutor can be a huge help!

HB Tutoring computer science tutors are able to teach how digital systems work, how to apply this knowledge to use through computer programming. For instance, building on students’ knowledge and understanding pupils are then equipped to create system software and programs using both this knowledge and understanding.

HB Tutoring local computer science tutor also work with students to enable them to become digitally literate. For instance, developing ideas by expressing themselves through information and communication technology.

The right environment

Students and tutors can be matched to online computer science tutors to cover any global location regardless of the time zone. Our private learning environment removes the perception of 1/1 personal space invasion or needing to enter a private home. Therefore hiring an online tutor makes total sense but you will no doubt want to know what is the best online tutoring website?… We can help you.

Independent study can be excessed on a variety of devices e.g., computer, iPad, tablet or mobile phone and only requiring an internet connection. In other words, graphics software affords interactive note taking and problem discussion/solutions, whilst use of a web-camera headset with microphone affords an enhanced curve.

Computer Science is viewed by many employers as a sign of great academic well-roundedness offering many well-paid opportunities to the right candidate in careers requiring knowledge such as programming languages.

In addition, students who do well in computer science courses will do very well in gaining employment, therefore it’s imperative to succeed within the computer science course and a private tutor can work with students to ensure the best possible grades are achieved.

A secure future

The majority of successful companies are extremely eager – some may say desperate, for talent in all areas of computing such as software engineering.  This results in growth within this industry for recruitment is estimated to grow between 12-37% through to 2022.

A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use both creativity as well as computational thinking in order to improve computer servers, networks and systems. Also, the core of Computer Science is, of course, the computing aspect.

HB tutoring tutors teach the principles of how digital systems work and how to apply this knowledge and understanding. This means we also work closely with students to enable them to become digitally literate, allowing them to develop ideas by expressing through both communication and information technology.

HB Tutoring Computer Science tutors are able to work directly with their students to help them to achieve the best grades possible within this competitive industry. In conclusion, our tutors not only focus on the course content but also the all-important exam technique

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What are the next steps in looking for a Computer Science tutor?

Why don’t you drop us an email via our contact form or call us directly on 0333 335 5139. And an advisor will get back to you to discuss your requirements and availability, then explain the next steps

Will the work load of home study and College/school work become too much?

We work with schools and colleges of our students identifying topic areas covered for that particular half term. This enable our tutors to prepare students for any up coming tests as well as helping students gain a greater subject knowledge for the half terms work.

How would you help me if I found an area of particular difficulty which I couldn’t quite get me head around?

HB Tutoring can organize a bespoke video of a lesson targeted at any particular problems; this can then be saved onto a hard drive for revision purposes.



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"Our son is home tutored and receiving tuition from HB Tutoring. HB Tutoring deal with the local council and arrange our son to sit exams as an external candidate. This is a great help to us and takes a weight off our minds, thank you."
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"Our family recently moved areas. We remained with HB Tutoring and they gave us a new tutor and helped our children’s education carry on smoothly as they liaised with the schools and our tutors both worked with HB Tutoring. This was very helpful as English is not our mother tongue."
K. Lenwovsky


"George is doing so well. His English teachers were both surprised and delighted with his mock results"
S. Cairns



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