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Can we help you be more confident in geography exams via our geography home tutors?

Our in depth Geography tuition by our professional Geography tutors allows students to identify with the geography curriculum requirements and access exam materials and questions. Students are able to liaise with geography tutors and gain a strong understanding. Geography tuition materials are also able to be obtained should these be required.

Why should students learn geography?

It Helps Put The News In Context

If children learn geography, then when they hear a story on the news from across the globe they will have an idea of where Kenya, or Africa, is. They will also know that Africa is not a country! And if Ebola breaks out in one African country, that doesn’t mean that all of Africa is affected. Geography tutors help widen and cement a students understanding.

If Children Learn Geography, It Will Also Help Them Learn History

Understanding how close two places sit on the map can help children see how and why different civilizations influenced each other. Or, it may help them understand the significance of one civilization conquering another.

Why was the Panama Canal such a big deal? What happens when a country doesn’t have access to a lake or river, if it is inland? All of these aspects affect us greatly. The things we can now buy, the professions we work as, the way we communicate over long distances, and the way we live today (such as with electricity) all depended on these areas.

So what does this mean today? What happens when a country like Israel runs out of fresh water? They innovate and start desalination processes. Geography tutors help fill in the knowledge gaps, ensuring the best possible results in exams.

Learning Geography Will Help Children Understand Different Cultures

Being surrounded by water, or being in the middle of a desert will drastically affect what a culture values, also as well as how they live their daily lives. If children learn geography from around the globe, they will have more opportunity to gain an appreciation for foreign countries and their cultures.

It will also help them understand many languages, which can shape cultures. Do all languages have a word for “snow”? How else would you describe “snow” to someone who has never seen it, and never heard of it? Is it ice? Is it water?

Why do many languages contain words from other languages? For example, the word “telephone”

What about what we consider to be ‘beautiful’ in the place where we live. Where does the idea of ‘beauty’ come from? Do all cultures see things as ‘beautiful’ in the same way? Why or why not?

Geography Gives Children A Better Worldview

Speaking of the globe, understanding where certain resources come from, or even just where certain places are, will help a child gain an appreciation for the world that goes beyond the borders which they live. The World is  much smaller place these days and with continual improvements in travel it will get even smaller, Geography tutors help students learn at their own pace to ensure once the knowledge is gained it stays!

Being a Well-Educated Global Citizen

In addition to knowing all about our planet and its people, those who choose to study geography will also learn to think critically, research, and communicate their thoughts through writing and other means of communication independently. They will thus have skills that are valued in all careers.  

Finally, geography is a well-rounded discipline that provides students not only with ample career opportunities, it also provides students with knowledge about our rapidly-changing world and how humans are impacting our planet.

Importance of Geography

Geography has also been called “the mother of all sciences,” it was one of the first fields of study and academic disciplines developed as humans sought to find out what was on the other side of the mountain or across the sea. Exploration led to the discovery of our planet and its amazing resources.

Physical geographers study the landscapes, landforms, and the terrain of our planet while many cultural geographers study our cities, transportation networks, and our ways of life. Geography is a fascinating discipline that combines knowledge of many fields to help scientists and researchers better understand this amazing planet.

HB Tutoring provide Geography tutors face to face near you or online. We have specialist geography tutor in Edinburgh, Bristol, Liverpool, London and all over the UK.

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