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What Are Our Tips To Help Your Child Make Up For Lost Time At School

This is the question being asked by parents and students alike, worried about individual children or their own children. How to ensure students can get the best chance possible to catch up, as, despite everyone’s best efforts, huge gaps in education have been created by the pandemic.

We must always remember the pandemic has been here for over one year now, however, it has impacted students for over 2 academic years.

We would like to share some ideas with you which we have been implementing with individual students, to ensure students are given the best chance possible to close the gap within their missed education.

  • Liaise with your child’s teachers.

Find out what their half termly plan for the next half term is, enquire about test results which have been carried out.

  • Analyse your children’s strengths

Students of all year groups are going to be feeling a little overwhelmed at the disruption which they have gone through, at these times it is important to focus on children’s strengths and what they are good at, as appose to the areas which as parents you want to improve.

  • Create Time to talk with your children

Making time to talk with your children allows them to speak about any apprehensions, which they may be having, bringing to light any additional help which they may require.

  • Request the help of a qualified tutor

All our tutors are qualified teachers who can liaise with the school on your behalf, carry out and implement tuition.

  • Encourage children to read more,

Let them choose books which they are interested in to help create the enjoyment of reading.

  • Reward Children for good results

Give them goals to strive forwards and hence start to bridge the gaps in their education.

  • Help children to Relax

Remember to spend quality time together and enjoy your time with each other.

For extra support you can also consider hiring a teacher tutor, you can find more information on how we help improve our students improve results via our tutoring here.

To find your perfect tutor click here, for any other support please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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