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So will listening to music help your studying or not?

There are many benefits of listening to music, listening to music is a therapy within itself. We have all heard that music can help us study, but then again we have also heard parents tell us that we can’t study whilst we have our music playing – talk about being stuck in the middle!!

Well, the science behind it is that music has a positive effect on the brain and body, music activates both the left and right brain at the same time which in turn maximises both hemispheres, maximise learning and as well as improving memory.

Music also decreases stress., it can decrease blood pressure, anxiety as well as heart rate. If like many other students you are experiencing anxiety. Music has been found to help people perform better in high-pressure situations, so grab your 80’s style boom box and crank the music up to help you study and keep with the flow.

Music will help you with focus rather than being of a distraction as music engages the part of the brain involved with paying attention and making predictions by updating the event within the memory.

End your study session with classical music as classical music can help you close out the night of study and treat insomnia making it a cheap and effective alternative to medications.

Above all else when we listening to music during any task being undertaken it makes everything much more pleasurable as may even make you study longer as you find you enjoy studying.

Our tutors are available to fill in the gaps which music just can’t reach. Our examiners are available to assist with exam technique and to help to prepare students for their examinations.

For extra support you can also consider hiring a teacher specialising in-home tutoring, you can find more information on how we help improve our students improve their results via our tutoring here.

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