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Biology is all around us, every second of every day

I’ve always found Biology to be a fascinating subject, so many species and habitats to discover as well as the wonder of the workings of our own body. As I regularly find myself sneaking a trip to the science museum, I’m always finding something else new to learn as I observe children of all ages eagerly have their faces of concentration and discovery.

Biology is present every single second, as more of us are wearing smart watches we are becoming more aware of how our hearts work and the effects of a good/bad night’s sleep as the results prove on our watches.

How our hearts work and how we react to infection or viruses as well as how to overcome them as we marvel at doctors who know the path to place us onto for the road to recovery. Biology isn’t all about the Human Body, the other side of Biology is about how nature works and how it can hurt and to develop greener ways for us all to incorporate into our daily lives.

Biology is one of the basic subjects which everyone should take in their studies as it’s the basis for the formation of many professional careers, whether it be for a physician, engineer, nurse, ecologist, chemist, teacher or scientist the scientific concepts of life and other living organisms will become a useful tool to help to achieve success in any field area which is chosen.

Our biology tutors at are all qualified teachers and examiners who thoroughly enjoy being absorbed in the wonders of this fascinating subject, their enthusiasm is transferred to the student as they discover and learn about the wonders around us.

Just think of the process required for the brain to transport the instruction for a finger to click this link to take you to our biology page on our website.

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