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In secondary education your child will grow both mentally and socially

Secondary education is a follow on from primary education and is from 11 years to 16 years. This is a time where your child will possibly be starting to think about what they would like to do as a career or whether they would like to attend further / higher education.

In secondary school your child will grow both mentally and socially – they will become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and friendships will become stronger. They will understand more about what choices they have and that at this point they are mostly in control of what they want to achieve and what they can achieve.

It can be difficult for some children to know what they want to do with their futures as it probably seems a long way off – as parents / carers  ( and probably thinking the same thing when we were at school ) we need to encourage these conversations with our children. In secondary school your child will be given careers advice / further educational options and be guided in the right direction.

So…. why is secondary education important?

Most secondary schools’ split children into different “sets” – this will determine what levels of work your child will be given and expected to complete. Your child may move up or down throughout secondary school to suit their ability.

Everything your child learns in secondary education will stay with them into their adult life and help mould them into the character they will become. They will learn how society exists and become aware of what they need to do to exist in society.

Secondary education works on providing your child with opportunities to discover themselves and their futures. These are important years as the work they complete will help determine their final exam results.

They are given choices to what subjects they want to follow (outside of English, Maths and Science – as these are compulsory). This gives your child a feeling of independence in their learning, knowing that what they choose may well influence their future.

They will discover new sports / talents and be encouraged to join in extracurricular programmes and be part of school teams – this in turn will boost confidence, fitness, mental health, and social awareness.

They will be given the opportunity to learn foreign languages which may give them a taste for travel and learning about other cultures and adventuring the world.

Secondary education will build on the foundations of what your child already knows and give them more of an insight into what they need to do to achieve their individual goals.

Overall secondary education continues the learning path to which builds the future of communities, economies, and social existence. It encourages independence, respect, friendships, teamwork, and hope. Your child may not fully realise it now, but they are building the future for generations to come. This may seem like a huge burden; however, they will build a future without even knowing and this is with the power of education.

HB Tutoring have qualified teachers, some of which are also examiners who can help your child prepare for the demands of secondary education as well as making the transition a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Our most experienced teachers also have the added experience of being examiners and some write the exam questions, this places HB Tutoring students in the very strong position of being guided with exam technique and examiners reports.

The key subjects within secondary education become more challenging and students can quickly become overwhelmed, it’s also a time when parents may find it more difficult to offer help with the school work as it becomes more complex.

HB Tutoring can make half termly contact with schools, copying parents into all contact made, when doing this we are requesting topic areas to be covered for that particular half term as well as enquiring about the half termly test results. HB Tutoring then ensure where marks may have been lost within a test, that they are covered over the next half term, thus preventing gaps within the curriculum occurring, and prevent a student’s confidence from dropping.

Our tutors come to the home or online, should you wish to opt for an online tutor, then why don’t you contact us and we can request a tutor makes an initial contact with you , giving you a chance to ask them any questions prior to deciding if you wish to go ahead. The earlier contact is made the quicker students are able to move forwards and prepare for their transition to the next year group.

If you would like to have a friendly informal chat with us regarding a tutor at any level please call a member of our team on: 0333 335 5139

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