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Every child has a basic right to education

The decision we have to make when choosing our children’s school (if you’re lucky enough to have a choice these days) is a hard one. We research statistics, location, community and sometimes read OFSTED reports. As parents / carers we need to get it right and for children of primary school age I think it is of paramount importance, as these are the crucial days that shape and mould the educational journey your child will make.

I think, sometimes there is a misconception that children will develop naturally and just learn things along the way – like any human – nothing is known until it’s taught, Every child has a basic right to education, a basic right to learn in an environment where they can grow and develop.

Entering primary education for the first time can be daunting for any child however these feelings will probably fade once they are in and making new friends. As parents / carers we need to feed encouragement and positivity, so our children feel confident that going to school is a good thing.

HB Tutoring have teachers who can support children with their school work online or within the child’s home, ensuring reinforcement of phonics, numeracy skills and SATS preparation in order to prepare students for the transition too year 7 or to build a child’s confidence within themselves.

So…. why is primary education so important?

Development (socially and emotionally) – your child will learn very quickly how to interact with other children, how to solve problems, disputes and how to share. They will move round the classroom and do different activities – learning all the time. The teacher will have the children working / playing in groups to help build listening and reasoning skills. At this point children will learn how to follow instructions and when faced with an issue in the sand pit or playground be able to find a solution.

Fine Motor skills – Children will learn how to hold small objects, cutlery, crayons, pencils etc. They will learn how to turn a page in their favourite book (things we all take for granted)

Reading and writing – Along with learning these skills, children will develop great communication ability and be able to find words to describe a situation, place, activity, person etc. They will gain confidence in talking and reading books with you – encourage your child to read for you. Learning doesn’t have to stop at school. Our teachers will help children from the early stages of phonics work through to comprehension, and SPAG in preparation for their SATS tests. English tuition of course helps to boost other areas of the curriculum also.

Numeracy – Basic numeracy is a must – we use it every day. By learning this skill in primary education your child will understand problem solving, how to share and logic… HB Tutoring teachers will help children through all areas of tuition, as we only use qualified teachers who have classroom experience, our teachers know what will be asked of children within the classroom environment, as well as having an in-depth knowledge of the government guideline requirements.

Awareness – Our approach ensures Children will learn about different cultures, religions, morals, and ways of living, families, beliefs, abilities, and disabilities. They will learn acceptance and gain an understanding that people and families are different and that this is a good thing.

Health – Children will learn that staying healthy is important – running around, cycling, playing/socialising with friends will undoubtably aid learning but keep your child fit and healthy. Children will learn about different parts of the body and gain an understanding of the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

Children of a young age are like sponges – They absorb everything ( good and bad ) very literally – the importance of primary education is to teach reason so a child learns to differentiate the good from the bad and learn quickly right from wrong. The very core of primary education is to give confidence, social awareness, basic literacy and numeracy skills, communication skills, problem solving ability, understanding of difference, equality, appreciation, personal development, individualism,  and a thirst for knowledge…all the things that basically get us through each day, without realising it. It is primary education that will teach skills we can’t even remember learning but that make us who we are today.

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