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Is Home Tuition Popular?

Home tuition is becoming increasingly popular, and parents have many differing reasons for choosing home tuition. This can be to help their child at home in order to achieve at school; it may be to prepare for exams? One area which everyone has in common is that as parents we want to help our children achieve and get the best results that they can – we want help to open doors for them and help them to have choices when they choose their next steps – this could be University, college or job opportunities.  All of this starts with a good education.

I’m not sure – I have so many questions.

At HB Tutoring we like to listen to you tell us about your child. Do they require confidence? Are they requiring extra help with the curriculum? Exam technique? Exam resit. We regularly have parents with busy schedules who struggle to commit to a tutor attending on a particular day each week. Well …this is what we are here for and there is never a problem. HB Tutoring have been requested to offer additional tuition whilst students are in school. As well as children who have had illnesses and missed large chunks of their schooling.

What about the Cost?

The cost of home tuition is a huge factor for everyone. However – we don’t want to let children down who are eager to improve over cost of tuition. This is why we have devised lessons so that they are accessible to everyone. For those who are on a budget we offer group lessons which are at a considerably reduced rate – may I state the rate is reduced, however, not the quality. Our group lessons are led by a qualified teacher and exam invigilator who is able to deliver lessons to groups of students.

Have you thought about online tuition?

We are seeing a huge increase with parents and students choosing online tuition. This tuition is still 1-1 tuition, however whilst the lesson is running, it is also being recorded. This recording is sent to the students via email and is the prefect revision material. Our exam invigilators provide the online tuition as well as the all-important exam technique.

We get a great deal of enquiries from parents stating their son/daughter is very academic with high achieving scores throughout their schooling. However when it comes to tests and exams their ability does not always come through. This is why at HB tutoring we place huge emphasis on exam technique. For help with exam technique it may just take 1-2 lessons however it is invaluable for helping students to know how to put into practice all of the information and techniques which have been learnt over the years.

The key benefits of Home Tuition

Perfect Learning Environment

Home Tuition. As it states takes place in the home. This is where students are happy and comfortable and is therefore the perfect start to build on their education. All tension is left behind and children are able to fully focus on their lessons.

Improve results

Home tuition helps to improve results at school. Not everyone likes to ask questions in front of the class, having a tutor brings out all of these questions from students allowing them to understand and enjoy their subject.

Feedback to Parents

Parents are able to get feedback from the tutor after each lesson which outlines progress, difficulties and the educational plan to help your child move forwards. Working with parents is essential to move forwards with education. All parents want to know how their child is coping with their education and thoroughly enjoy seeing their child’s confidence grow as they are able to apply tuition learnt at home to their school work.

The Best Tutors

Every child is different and every tutor is different. Therefore it is so important to get the correct match. Using a tutor agency like HB Tutoring we have a bank of tutors and therefore make it our job to ensure we are able to get the best match at the start of the learning journey between student and tutor

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