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So what do computer science tutors do?

Computer science is becoming an ever increasingly popular subject for students to choose, as we come to rely more and more on technology, we see huge leap forwards in advancement of software, our needs for technology as well as how much we come to depend on it. It is therefore not surprising that students choose to study Computer Science. Many people ask me what is Computer Science? Well it’s a very complex subject which incorporated lots of applications. Computer scientists solve computer problems and develop different ways for us to use technology as well as different ways in which technology can adapt and make our lives easier – although I’m sure you will agree with me that we have all been in the situation of wanting to launch a computer out of the window and revert back to pen and paper!! So I’d like to go into this in further detail at the request of many students and parents and help explain how our computer science tutors can help.

Computer Technology

Computer technology is all around us, its in the traffic lights and the pedestrian crossings to keep us all safe, it’s in the hospitals recording data and assisting with health care. The bus or train has computer technology within the engine compartment, CCTV is watching us using computer technology and night vision supports the police, this is just a very small glimpse in the way we use computers and these computers are advancing all the time and Computer Science is developing.

Computational Thinking

A software engineer, code programmer or Coder uses computer language to design programmes, Computer programmers are problem solvers or logical thinkers, there can be a variety of ways in which to solve a particular problem and computer programmers will attempt to fine the most efficient way, the one which uses the least number of steps.

The Future of Computer Technology

Technology is constantly advancing we see this every day in car dashboards and rechargeable cars, wearable technology such as smart watches voice and face recognition.

The future is bright for Computer Science; however, this is not an easy course to study. Computer Science continues to have strong mathematical and engineering routes including algorithms, data structure, probability and statistics, electronic circuit design and makes heavy use of hypothesis design. Due to the complex nature of this course we regularly get requests for Computer Science tuition. All tutors are qualified Computer Science teachers who are fully aware of the curriculum requirements.

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