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How can home tuition help your child?

After tutoring privately and teaching in the classroom environment for more than 30 years, one aspect which becomes increasingly clear is that the value of teaching on a 1-1 basis just can’t be reached within the school situation as the teachers direct their lessons to 30 or so students. This is where home tuition can be invaluable.

Tutors fill quite a different role to that of teachers, which then places the tutor into a very unique position. Firstly personal relationships to support students are fundamental to the students’ success, the more the connection is made the greater the success. Having a 1-1 tutor also creates a personalised lesson which is tailored to the individual student. This can be achieved by incorporating the student’s personal interests as well as highlighting the students’ strengths and therefore also increasing their confidence.

We are very careful and thorough with recruiting tutors. Successful tutors will listen to their students and liaise carefully with other tutors as well as parents and schools, by developing and connecting with schools, in our research we have found that when we connect with schools’ students are more likely to engage in class and connect with their teachers, therefore helping them to get the best out of their learning either by online or face to face home tuition.

Our tutors have classroom experience which is fundamental to our success. By having classroom experience tutors are aware of the curriculum content and can bring that content into the home tuition. They also have the ability to be aware of half-termly tests as well as the GCSE examinations and can plan lessons effectively to steer students towards getting the best results.

Many of our GCSE tutors are also examination officers, our GCSE tutors are also helping students to focus on exam technique and timings to enable them to get the best grades possible from their GCSE /A level results.

For extra support you can also consider hiring a teacher specialising in home tuition, you can find more information on how we help improve our students’ confidence in learning here via home schooling.

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