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Top Tips To Help Your Child Stay Ahead In Their Education

As we are now slowly heading towards some sort normality we are feeling concerned on the impact of a disruption to two academic years to our children’s education, as well as the impact to our children’s mental health.

We may find ourselves asking many questions, such as:

  • How can I support my child with their anxiety upon returning to school?
  • How can I ensure my child does not fall further behind?
  • I want to support my child without sounding as though I’m nagging.
  • How can I speak with the teacher when there are so many restrictions at school?

Many children may be showing signs of anxiety in the form of becoming irritated or angry, fatigue, headaches, or stomach aches. Especially as older children may have to carry out home covid testing.

To help children through these times, now that we feel as though there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ its important for everyone to get in a sense of routine. This can be home study or schoolwork, ensure you speak with your child’s teacher, request a telephone call or email correspondence. Its important to find out how our children are achieving at school and any difficulties which they may be experiencing to ensure as parents that these can be addressed.

We have qualified teachers who are able to work with children and will speak with your child’s teachers copying you into the emails as we obtain half termly plans. This ensures our tutors are working on the same material as your child with their school work ensuring students obtain a firm knowledge of their subject area. Our examination officers work on exam technique as well as curriculum content for those children who are preparing for GCSE or A level examinations.

Also, very importantly don’t forget to spend quality time with our children, its easy to get preoccupied in our own jobs which have to get on. Why not have a game of table tennis over the dining table? Or in the spring weather plant some bulbs in the garden, go on a bike ride or just a walk outside, all of this special time together also opens up for children to speak with parents regarding any troubles or concerns which they may have.

For extra support you can also consider hiring a teacher specialising in teaching English, you can find more information on how we help improve our students improve their results via our tutoring here.

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