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Why Did an Apple fall on Newtons Head and Not a Bomb?

We all dread the science paper as it lands on the desk Infront of us, we’ve had the laws of Newton drilled into us so much that we are now wishing a bomb had landed on his head and not an apple. Throughout our revision, we are flipping through the book and as we peer at other fellow students with eyes of envy as they appear to be taking it all in with unbelievable ease, and all we can see is the forever questioning on how time changes according to how fast you can run and other weird theories. So I thought I’d share some interesting facts about the wonders of Physics.

The wonders of Astronomy

Let’s face it, we are all fascinated by space, if not admittedly we find it both daunting and fascinating. Watching in wonder as space shuttles take off, admiring the view and take in the beauty of the view back down to earth and imagining the silence surrounding the astronauts whilst they explore space. Both Velocity and gravity have an effect on speed and time. The higher the velocity the slower the time passes.

As Fast as Lightning

I’m sure we have all been told to be as fast as lightning, however, lightening only travels fast in a vacuum, it is slowed whenever it passes through something being measured as travelling slowly such as through ultra-cooled Radium (-273.15C)

Feeling Warm??

The heat which is contained within the earth’s atmosphere is equivalent to the heat present in the first ten feet of the ocean.

Dead or Alive??

The dead Sea is known for its density due to the high presence of salt, as a result of this you can easily float on this without drowning, suddenly we are all swimmers when in the Dead Sea.

Bolt of Lightning

The bolt of lightning is actually 3x hotter than the sun – This gives the sun some competition!!

Newton and the Apple ( Hold the Bomb – We need Newton)

So, getting back to the apple on Newtons Head and Not a Bomb!!

Well, legend had it that Newton was sitting under an apple tree in his garden when as apple suddenly fell from the tree onto Newton’s head, this then led to Newton wanting to discover the laws of gravity.

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