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Being fluent in English language is vital for many reasons

It’s very easy to see why the study of the English language is of such high importance, after all at its peak the British empire covered 25% of the earth surface. English is the most commonly spoken language throughout the world with on average 1 in 5 people speaking or understanding the English language.

English is the language of aviation, science, tourism, media and the internet. A well-spoken person who has a wide range of vocabulary and good grammar can improve a person’s job prospects and is important for socializing and entertaining.

English is also the dominant language for business and when people want to enter the global workforce research has proven that cross border business communication and most often conducted in the English Language, many international companies also expect employees to be fluent in English.

When it comes to school studies, students who have a good knowledge of the English language often achieve increased results in other subjects as they apply their knowledge of the English language to other subjects such as Geography, Science, Math’s and Business studies etc. I’m regularly asked by parents who may only be able to afford tuition in one subject, which subject would be most beneficial; time and time again when students pick up tuition within the English Language, their results also can be seen to increase in other subjects as they apply their English knowledge, also when it comes to math’s problems students can be seen to take more notice of grammar within word problems. This ensures questions are read properly and therefore the question is answered correctly.

Our English tutors are qualified teachers and examiners, they help students focus on exam technique as well as curriculum content.

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