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now Upto (HB Tutoring are taking the Coronavirus very seriously indeed as well as the health of tutors and your family. We are right there with you with our children trying to manage the work/life/home schooling balance… its near impossible to do it all… so don’t try!

We didn’t choose to home school our children, we most of us didn’t. We’ve only had a few days so far to prepare for this huge change also, so we cannot expect to go from nothing to super hero parents doing everything from still trying to pay the bills, cleaning the house and to being a new teacher of a brand new school!

So, we urge every parent who has been thrust into this crazy situation to just take a time, a few days or whatever you need to breath. The most important issue at home right now is keeping everyone from worrying about the current situation and focus on loving / supporting each other.

Once the dust settles just try to focus on letting your children have fun whilst doing things that contribute at least a little to their young mind’s development. This can include playing with Lego, reading, role playing / dress up and even a bit of hide and seek!

All that said we are of course getting a lot of messages from parents understandably concerned about their child’s education due to them being away from school from March until most likely now September. This is obviously worrying for parents of children of all ages, certainly including those whom are going on to study A levels in September.

Due to the current and huge disruption to education and how ideally placed we are to help, HB Tutoring have reduced our tuition rates for group lessons, making home tuition / home schooling at a professional level much more cost effective.

Using our home online tuition services during this time will ensure that your children don’t just at best maintain their education level, they will massively improve it and ensure once back in school they are ready to exceed everyone’s expectations, including their own!

So, to support you we are now offering exceptional value group lessons using the safety of our online platform. Groups have a maximum size of 6 connections / households, (Minimum 2), students must be within the same year group, but they do not have to be in the same household due to the power of the latest video conferencing technology (our chosen platform is Zoom).

Group lessons: From £5.50 per hour (Per connection / household – Based on a group of 6. I.e. if the group is shared by 2 households the cost is £16.50 each per hour)
1-1 Lesson: £33 per hour – upto GCSE level

We have limited places available due to the current huge demand so contact us to find your tutor today, or contact us if you have any questions.

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