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We were interviewed on Radio 5 Live for our thoughts on the Government Tutor Scheme!

View the video below to listen to my interview live on BBC Radio 5 Live about the new government tutor scheme. Helen was invited on to discuss the government’s plans of using approved tuition agencies to deliver tuition within schools to help children catch up with their studies.

We are proud to have the top tutors working for us. Our tutors are of exceptional high qualityv with many years of classroom experience behind them. Our tutors are both knowledgeable and confident at delivering the National curriculum to students of a range of abilities and gaining exceptional results with them all. You can therefore imagine our delight when we were contacted by BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss Boris Johnsons announcement of a government tutor scheme to offer a tuition programme which would be delivered by government approved tutors, of which HB Tutoring tutors are.

The government’s declaration of plans to provide a multi-million pound programme to offer tuition to children throughout the UK, to help to close the educational gap that has occurred whilst children have missed out on essential schooling.

We were delighted to be acknowledged for our high-quality tuition and invited to speak on Live National Radio – Radio 5 Live, interviewed by Simon Mayo and Rachel Burden. We discussed the importance of ensuring all tutors are qualified and have the necessary checks to ensure tuition is delivered safely. We also spoke of how it is imperative that government approved tuition agencies liaise with teachers and heads of departments. We are in the most fortunate position at HB Tutoring that we have previously been selected to teach within schools, and therefore are fully aware of cooperating with the demands of teaching within the school environment as well as the importance of fully liaising with teaching staff, along with heads of departments so to make the proposal of a government tutor scheme by Johnson for the additional educational funding to be effective and quickly implemented.

We are all aware, myself included with my own children, of how difficult it has been to get our children to fully engage with schools online learning programs. Parents have had to deal with trying to coax their children to complete school work along with the change of them having to work from home; all of these new unfamiliar demands have placed strains within the family home and have seen children fall behind with their school work. It only takes a few comments from our children to let us know that their teacher does it differently, and it can easily push us to our limits… So we welcome the government tutor scheme as both suppliers and parents.

When children start to attend school for the next academic year, the school day is still going to be very different for practically all children. 15 children max will be allowed in school, restricted sharing resources within classes, more frequent hand washing and hygiene. All of these changes are going to continue to delay students learning well past September as we all adjust to requirements and rules which are to be implemented. This leads perfectly to how we can help via the government tutor scheme.

Why not listen to our Radio 5 live interview below regarding the government’s plans to provide funding for approved tuition agencies. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


My child is in Primary School. How will a tutor be able to help primary children?

HB Tutoring primary tutors are extremely experienced and qualified to teach primary students; our tutors ensure children remain engaged by using a variety of practical resources, repetitive games and they make learning fun. HB Tutoring will liaise with schools ensuring we are all accessing the curriculum at the same level and children’s progress will be documented at all times and submitted to the relevant departments within schools.

My Son/daughter is sitting exams next year – Do we have time to catch up with his/her studies?

In circumstances when children are studying for GCSE’s HB Tutoring will provide examiners to teach students. The examiners are qualified teachers and are fully aware of the various exam boards requirements and will therefore teach the students following these criteria’s as well as teaching the all-important exam technique to students.

Can I contact HB Tutoring prior to schools returning in September to give my child a head start?

Yes, of course you can. HB Tutoring tutors teach within homes, online and in schools, If you have a tutor who you feel would be of benefit to your school, why not ask your school to get in contact with us, we can then teach individuals 1-1 at home and within small groups at school.

Could I have a recording of my lesson to help with revision?

All online tuition is recorded and students will receive an email containing a link to the recording of their lessons, we recommend that lessons are downloaded and saved – Why not ask your tutor for a bespoke lesson on any areas of difficulty, this would make an ideal revision resource aimed at your individual requirements.

To find your perfect tutor click here, for any other support please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

If you would like to have a friendly informal chat with us regarding a tutor at any level please call a member of our team on: 0333 335 5139

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