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How can a primary tutor help parents prepare their children for this big day ahead?

There is no doubt that most parents are feverishly awaiting the day on which they can finally wave their children good-bye and wish them a great time at school. For many parents, however, this moment will also be filled with anxiety. Not only will they worry about the associated health risks that this re-integration brings along for their loved ones, but there will likely be an under-current of worry mixed in to do with their children’s educational success, help is at hand though via a professional primary tutor.

So how can parents prepare their children for this big day ahead? Especially in the light of the fact that the summer holidays are now looming during which children may resist the forcefully imposed home-school routine with all their might. (And rightfully so! They, too, deserve a break!) But can they afford the luxury to not engage the brain in any school-related matters for six weeks after a very long period of reduced and possibly less qualitative learning times? Will the return to structure and full-time school days not be even more challenging then for most children? Let’s face it, it appears that it will take more than a world-wide pandemic to change our traditional school systems that are geared up towards achieving measurable, numeric goals, which is why it is of utmost importance to ensure that our children are assisted in dealing with the lock-down fall out.

So, if you haven’t yet considered hiring a private primary tutor for your child, now is the perfect time to give this idea a serious thought. If the expenses surrounding this commitment pose a worry, rest assured that even as little as 30 minutes a week could mean the difference between your child returning to school with confidence and ease, or your child having to face a situation that could set an unwanted tone for the rest of the school year ahead.

So apart from buying a new school uniform, compiling their own social distancing school survival packs comprising of personal stationary, a face mask and hand sanitizer, it is necessary to ensure that your child experiences a smooth re-integration into the world of face-to-face education, this is where a primary tutor can be a huge help.

So how can a specialist primary tutor assist a child in returning to school well-prepared and with as little anxiety as possible?

There is no doubt that your child’s teacher would have tried their best in achieving the learning goals stipulated for the past school year.  However, the fact of the matter is, that no google classroom (nor a face-to-face classroom filled with 30 students!) could ever replace the individual care that a primary tutor is able to provide. Through targeted assessment, a tutor will identify any educational gaps that have arisen during this challenging home-schooling time and would then design activities and set tasks specifically aimed at closing these gaps. A professional primary tutor can home in on your child’s personal interests and learning style preferences in order to achieve maximum engagement with the learning content. Above all, a tutor can give you regular, personal feedback on where your child is at, where the difficulties lie and what can be done to support them. Finally, as an additional perk, a private tutor can provide parents with a – no doubt – much needed break from being at the front-line of their child’s education filling a role that they had not necessarily willingly signed up for!

It will be overwhelming for your children to go back to school for many different reasons. They will need to adhere to awkward distancing rules during their socialising time with their long-missed friends and peers. They will have to re-adjust to the demands of sitting still for hours in a row, of being able to talk when it is appropriate to do so and of fitting into a tight schooling-schedule. Eventually (and inevitable), they will have to face the pressures of tests and exams again, because traditional school systems still place great emphasis on summative assessment practices.  Basically, our children have to re-learn what it means to go to school again; never mind trying to catch up on missed learning content!

So, what better way is there to smooth this rocky school re-entry road for our little ones than to enlist the support of a qualified professional primary tutor? A private home tutor can become your knight in shining amour providing guidelines, strategies, and tools to save your child from educational failure, and consequently parents from their worries centered around their child’s education!

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