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What do Physics, COVID-19 and Sir Isaac Newton all have in common?

As we are led to believe, as per the legend, Isaac Newton was quietly sitting under a tree, when suddenly – Bonk!! He was hit on the head by an apple falling from the tree above. This then created the 17th Century’ Ah-Ha’ moment which.

Although we know Isaac Newton lived around in the 17th Century, our lives at the moment are quite parallel to how he was living at the time.

Whilst Isaac Newton was attending Cambridge University there was an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague causing schools and Universities to close, quite like the position which we find ourselves in today. Isaac was then forced to return home to his parents’ home and it was during this time he witnessed an apple fall from a tree, Isaac noticed the apple fall straight to the ground, it never veered to the side, but every apple which fell was falling in a straight line. This then inspired Isaac Newton to develop the law of universal gravitation. During 1687 Newton first published this principle that every other body is attracted with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses.

Isaac shared the apple anecdote with William Stukeley who included this in his book Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newtons life.

Isaac Newton died in 1727 and is buried in Westminster Abbey. His famous Apple tree continues to grow at Woolsthorpe Manor.

We know Isaac Newton is responsible for introducing us to many theories in the laws of Physics, but I also feel we can take a lot from the story of Isaac Newton, as he also experienced school closures and a lockdown situation due to the Bubonic Plague, much as we are currently doing with Covid-19. However, as it is always easy to become bored, and feel sorry for ourselves if we do one thing lets take inspiration from Sir Isaac Newton and never stop learning and exploring.

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