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The Free Meta-Skill Set

Analytical Thinking, logical thinking and critical thinking of problem solving and all it takes is time.

Practice, practice and slightly more…  yes practice. Authors of every skill set always advise plenty of practice leads to knowledge leading to success. We’ve all heard of no pain no gain. This is not just for the gym but also for study. We all get frustrated when things become challenging but it’s those who keep on going who succeed. As Aristotle is once said to have quoted. “ the roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet”. This means pen to paper and work at it, rather than decorating paper with bonny coloured post it notes and highlighting in equally lovely colours.

Like everything; baking, gym training and education you can be self-motivated and go it alone, or you can get a tutor to help you HB Tutoring have many qualified tutors who are able to assist with 1-1 tuition and help students reach their full potential.

Always remember to read and expose yourself to as much knowledge as possible. Looking at one factor from a variety of viewpoints can give you a very deep knowledge of a certain subject.

I personally find the best books are discrete maths text books. The cover a variety of core areas in both problem and analytical problem solving as well as logical puzzles.

We have a few students who prefer online tuition. This again requires a certain amount of self-motivation. The great thing about online tuition is that lessons can be paused and replayed again and again. This can be great for students who are visual learners and need to have thing repeated and are wanting to refer to previous lessons.

Apps are another great way to learn in all subjects you can bet there is an app game which can be useful for students who love their devices. HB Tutoring provide our students with a learning platform as we acknowledge not all students wish to sit with books to go through and the change can be really useful to have a variety of learning techniques and materials.

HB tutoring are able to offer small group lessons, 1-1 tuition or online tuition. Our success is generated by offering our tuition package to all students. This consists of a tutor who is contactable in-between lessons not just during your allocated lesson.  Our bespoke tuition tailored to each individual student has ensured in our years of running HB Tutoring we have not had a single student achieve less than a grade 5. Many have come to us saying they have been predicted a grade 2 but thanks to our team and students work ethos their full potential has been allowed to bloom for all to see.

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