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Qualifications of a Tutor:

To become a tutor you do not necessarily have to have your PGCE teaching qualification, you do however have to be familiar with the syllabus and the exam board requirements. At HB Tutoring we do liaise closely with the schools which students attend ensuring a close relationship is created helping to increase a student’s success within their chosen subject. It is also paramount that you hold a DBS clearance certificate, this is not a legal requirement, however working for a tuition agency this is required.

A Tutor Must be a Good Communicator

HB Tutoring tutors are all excellent communicators, this is essential to put students at ease and ensure a good understanding of their subject. The first tuition lesson may consist of a subject related practical activity ensuring anxiety is reduced and helping the student to gain confidence.

  • If your student is a kinaesthetic learner offer manipulative resources to help with their arithmetic skills
  • If your student is read/write dominant allow them plenty of time for note taking. Your student may be an auditory learner and therefore implementing chants or songs will help them learn.

Teaching Multiple Students

Being organised is paramount for success, a tutor must liaise with their Tuition Agency ensuring strong communications, identifying with each students strengths and weaknesses and therefore creating a report file which is essential for ensuring progress and identifying any difficult problem areas.

Tutors Pay

A tutors pay varies according to their experience, qualification and if they carry out skype tuition. One thing which is the same across the board is that tutors will have to disclose their pay to HMRC as they are classed as self-employed.

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