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Computers are everywhere in our lives. From our home, to our cars and we wear them as interactive watches etc. Due to the increasing rapid advancement of technology teachers are being increasingly encouraged to bring more and more technology into the classroom. Now, there will always be a divide in those people who embrace technology and those of us who thing technology is speeding things up very quickly and we enjoy the paper, pencil and speaking with people on a 1-1 basis.

However, we can’t escape that technology is the way forward and it needs to be embraced and used if we are going to help students enter into the world of work and become computer confident.

Understanding the variety of dimensions within the diverse nature of computing is an aspect of a necessary skill for the educated person of 21st century. You may want to be the person who discovers ground breaking innovations, a scientist, or just fully understand when someone says’ the computer said no’ or ‘ it wasn’t me the computer did it’.. Yes studying ICT will help you with all of this invaluable knowledge.

A major advantage for students to take up ICT is that the jobs linked to ICT are amongst the highest paid, after all the information technology department are the hub of many businesses, yes a lot can fall onto their shoulders, but equally a person who as the in-depth knowledge for ICT can gain a very good monthly pay packet.

ICT is one of those areas which we can never predict what will happen next, and I’m sure you will agree that we all observe in amazement how technology moves forwards at such a rapid pace. This being said it is apparent how important and how valuable ICT tuition is and how it is becoming increasingly popular. HB Tutoring have incredible ICT tutors across the country who are able to guide students on the information technology course to keep ahead of the current course guidelines. The students themselves realising the importance of achieving on this course. Our ICT tutors’ are here to help and ensure students fully understand the various topics within the course and thus increasing student’s confidence and results.

Reasons to study ICT

  • ICT is an essential part of a well-rounded academic preparation
  • ICT has many career opportunities
  • ICT offers opportunities for innovation and creativity
  • ICT skill will be required at some point in all careers
  • ICT allows you to produce a lot of positivity in the World
  • ICT is now part of everything we do, at home, at work, in sport etc.
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