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How can online tuition such as Skype tutoring help?

Online tuition is becoming an increasingly popular choice for parents and students to take part in. Many people may question how effective say Skype tutoring can be and prefer face to face tuition. However, an increasing amount of people are seeing the benefits of online tuition.

HB Tutoring always send students a recording of the lesson, this creates an invaluable resource for students to refer back to for revision purposes, we have also issued recordings to educators for evidence for of the work students have completed which has proven to be invaluable.

Online tuition also ensures teachers have direct access to all resources, face to face tuition can often leave tutors in the predicament that they require text which has been left behind, online tuition allows tutors to have all materials available to them. Many parents have reported back that their child appears to be more engaged as they take part in online tuition, this could be due to students using a P.C and they feel they have more control, students are also courage to save their work to the desk top and carry out homework tasks all of which can be completed on a computer, therefore preparing students to adapt to the world of technology.

Parents also gave more interaction and can play back recordings from lessons, our assessors can also ensure the quality of tuition is consistently at a high level and that tutors are fully prepared for lessons, this is one aspect which our assessors could not over see during face to face tuition and we would rely on parental feedback.

We are finding students are more engaged and progress faster when tutored online. This could be partly down to the face that our online tutors have had full training to deliver online tuition and have an extensive online set up ensuring that the highest quality of tuition is delivered online. Many of our high demand tutors are based online via platforms such as Skype or Zoom, these are the GCSE examiners, fully qualified teachers who have many years of classroom experience and are therefore in an extremely well off position to observe gaps in students knowledge and will play back the lesson to themselves ensuring the lesson is thorough and that they are able to plan the next bespoke lesson for the individual.

HB Tutoring only use qualified teachers to deliver tuition, this in turn helps all of our students to achieve the higher results which they repeatedly come to us for and refer others to us for which we are always grateful.

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