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Dyslexia tutoring is a huge help but how does it affect learning?

When providing dyslexia tutoring many clients ask me how dyslexia affects an individual when it comes to learning. Well, this obviously varies from person to person. The main areas which dyslexia affects people and children are:

  • Spelling
  • Decoding
  • Reading comprehension
  • Word recognition

However, the depth in which this affects people differs from person to person. Living with dyslexia may also suffer from a lack of motivation and self-image.

Dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental disorder which is identified by inaccurate and slow word recognition. Developmental dyslexia creates difficulties with fluent and/or accurate word recognition and spelling difficulties.

Children are taught to write using phonics, this can be delivered by using schemes such as Read, Write, Ink or Jolly Phonics. When learning to spell children are encouraged to use phonics which covers all the lets of the alphabet and their sounds as well as graphemes which are groups of letters. I.e. ‘th’, ‘sh’ ‘ing’.

Children with dyslexia find coding and word sequencing difficult and they find it tricky to read some words and their brain may make them read the word ‘saw’ as ‘was’ etc.

Children with dyslexia may also suffer from visual stress and may have trouble recalling the order of letters as well as which way around the words go ie writing ‘b’ and ‘d’ backwards. Being unable to spell at the same level as their friends within their class can also be upsetting and humiliating and therefore affect their self-esteem.

How can I help my child with Dyslexia?

Everyone strives with routine, people and children with dyslexia are much more productive with routine, both for bedtime and learning.

Encourage children to use their senses, such as writing letters onto pebbles and use these to help to spell, or use chalks on the ground, if children feel that learning is fun they will learn much more quickly.

For older children listening to audiobooks or watching the play which they are studying on television can have huge benefits in helping them to understand what is happening and the role of the characters.

For extra support you can also consider hiring a teacher specialising in dyslexia tutoring, you can find more information on how we help dyslexic children here.

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