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Our Students Really Do Impress The Examiner

Our English Language tutors and GCSE English Literature tutors can help your child to unlock the required skills to succeed in both of these difficult examinations. The English Language and English Literature are mandatory examinations, and a great deal of critical writing and analysis is required to gain the higher marks. Furthermore, students are expected to evaluate and compare texts whilst also identifying key themes and analysing the language and vocabulary used by the writer within the texts.

The GCSE English exams can be challenging; there is the element of critical thinking and at the same time answers must also be consistent to those expected by examiners. This is therefore why our tutors and examination officers who all have thorough experience in teaching, and also marking exam papers so they are able to share with you exactly what is going through the examiners’ mind.

Our GCSE English tutors can help students with their coursework, as well as exam preparation. A tutor through HB Tutoring LTD can bring forward the relevant qualifications and experience to help deepen a student’s understanding of the text that they will be examined on. In order to get the higher grades, tutors will expose the student to a wide range of 19th, 20th and 21st century literature to enable the students to become fluent at making thematic connections and interpretations.

We want our students to really, really impress the examiner with their profound writing skills as well as to really show off how well they understand the literature at hand.

At HB Tutoring we will always introduce families to the tutor prior to tuition going ahead to ensure we have the correct match prior to tuition going ahead. The initial meeting will be held over Zoom giving families a chance to ask tutors and questions or queries which they may have.

For extra support you can also consider hiring a teacher specialising in exam preparation, you can find more information on how we help improve our students improve their results via our tutoring here.

To find your perfect tutor click here, for any other support please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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