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I am regularly asked by parents and students alike. What is the most effective way to revise? Well this always depends on the individual student. Also there are many factors which affect this.

Firstly make sure you log out of all social media. So much time can be wasted stalking people who you don’t know, however they just happened to comment on a post. The next think you know is you’re trolling their profile, viewing their holidays and favourite foods. So much wasted time is taken up on social media so make sure this won’t ping for your attention or distract you in any way whatsoever!!

Studies have shown that choosing various locations to study can allow students to compartmentalize info, this enables recall of various topics having chosen particular areas to study particular subjects.

It is essential to have a timetabled plan of study, ensuring your subject study time is equally shared out throughout the week. Try to create study targets to aim for and regularly recap your topic areas to ensure you have remembered the main points.

Highlighters are another invaluable resource, placing your revision into sections. You can easily see the key areas to study as topics, preferences are easily visible with the variety of colours which are shown using the highlighters.

Flashcards for exam revision

My favourite resource has to be the Flashcards. HB Tutoring students all get their own set of flash cards, these are a very effective way to study. You can purchase blank cards in a variety of colours, enabling you to easily identify differing topics and subjects.

After studying a particular topic, why don’t you create open ended questions to test yourself on later in the week.  This will enable to know if you have retained the information on that subject.

Always ensure you stay hydrated, have snacks and take breaks. Breaks are essential for allowing yourself time to mull over and digest the information you are taking in. You may find you need to refer back to your books as you realise there may be an area you are unsure about. Some useful revision tips are included in the following like generated by CGP: https://www.cgpbooks.co.uk/info/exams-or-demon-fighting/essential-revision-tips

Remember all students become anxious and worried, ensure you talk over and concerns with a teacher, tutor or family member. We all go through these exams and we all come out of the other side.

HB tutoring have examiners who also tutor. Our examiners are able to help with one off lessons on exam technique, ensuring you are able to plan your time in the exam and understand what is being asked on the exam paper. If you would like to contact us regarding our exam technique sessions please get in touch.

We are here to help and always welcome a chat.

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