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As a teacher who has worked with many children, my time spent helping the child who has Dyslexia realise their full potential is possibly my most rewarding time of my career. I don’t hide the fact that this is also the most challenging area of my work as one child who has dyslexia is very different to the next child who had dyslexia.

The difference in learning which a child with dyslexia has is the fact that learning is a struggle to them. This is not lack of intelligence, but rather than their brain processes information differently and this therefore makes learning slow , brings out frustrations in the child as they feel learning is impossible.

HB Tutoring have tutors who are specialised in this area, their patience in working with students with Dyslexia allows the student to progress to their full potential which can be very high achieving.

We use a variety of methods when working with younger children, these may range from physical activities, hunting for letter sounds, physical activities to help with spelling. Have you ever thought of using a paint brush and a bucket of water? Well… Using this can create so much spelling and mathematical opportunities, especially when the weather is nice, it’s great for children to get outside with their water and paintbrush to draw on external walls or the ground.

The older student may benefit from using a coloured keyboard by using an overlay helping to make typing more accessible or text to speech software on their computers.

Teachers can help by giving students with dyslexia print outs of key information as expecting a student with Dyslexia to copy from the board can be a challenge for them.  Another help to the students is to request the teacher to inform the parent of homework, it’s all too easy for the students to feel as though ‘the wheels are falling off’ when things start to pile up. Parents can then be discrete in checking homework diaries and offering the helping hand which could make so much of a difference.

At HB Tutoring we acknowledge the importance of a home schooling relationship, this is why we bring together parents, school and the tutor to ensure the students is fully supported and has access to technology and resources required. This may be something as basic as having permission to take a photograph of the smart board in the class room, however, this will have such an impact to the student. We have recently ensured one of our students is able to use his laptop in class and offer typing tuition. He is now excellent at note taking, being organised on his desk top and feels fully on top and in control of his studies which is marvellous for us to hear. He has just gone from strength to strength.

I read a fascinating and most inspiring article earlier today which I would very much like to share with you.


I’m sure you will agree this is such an inspiring post which we can all relate in one way or another.

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