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Teaching Primary School children is a very specialist area indeed. Primary tuition starts in Reception class with the Foundation stage, then progresses through to Key stage 1 whilst children are in year 1 and year 2 of school. Key stage 2 is then years 3 through to 6.

The learning at primary level takes place at a very fast pace and it can be difficult for children to keep up, if they start to fall behind at this point they can lose the basic foundation techniques to build their learning upon

It is therefore imperative that children are able to keep up with the requirements at these early stages. This can be challenging for children, as we all learn differently.

There are 4 types of learning and we all fit into one of these categories

Firstly we have kinaesthetic learning.  This is where this group are hands on and experimental and this is their best way of learning. Secondly we have the auditory learners. As the name suggests people who have this preferred way of learning will learn best through listening and asking questions. Thirdly we have those who prefer to write things down and lastly we have the visual learners who learn through watching demonstrations and educational videos etc.

Ay HB Tutoring we can identify the way your child prefers to learn and ensure we use this method to help your child advance through the curriculum. As we also liaise with the schools this help us to plan out lessons with your child ensuring our learning technique is matched to your child’s most effective way of learning and this can therefore cement their knowledge in their subject area.

Due to the increasing demand on teachers within primary education it can become increasing challenging for teachers to identify with a class of possibly 30 children and ensure each Childs most effective learning technique is catered for. This is where HB Tutoring can help to work with the class teacher complimenting their work in class by following the class half termly plan and therefore increasing your Child’s confidence.

The following article in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/education/2008/nov/27/primary-school-importance

Sums up perfectly the importance of primary Education in the early years.

A confident child is a happy child

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