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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is able to tutor Maths and English to GCSE and Geography through to A level. Jennifer has helped our students achieve outstanding grades and some students have improved their grades within a couple of months of tuition.

Meet George

George is a very experienced tutor in Maths, Science, Biology, Chemistry, ICT and Physics. George is SEN qualified and has achieved amazing results, he has successfully home tutored students who have gone on to complete university degrees.

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Meet Alistair

Alistair is a Maths tutor capable of tutoring through to A level. Alistair has achieved fantastic grades and is able to give students a passion for maths, helping them to simplify and solve equations and encouraging the students to solve mathematical problems and understand their meanings. His enthusiasm for the subject is passed to his students who achieve results over and beyond their expectations.

Meet Catherine

Catherine is a highly experienced English tutor, who works with compassion and understanding and is able to get the best from her pupils. Catherine is also a very able tutor working with pupils who have English as a second language.

Meet Clare

Clare is a very experienced tutor who is able to tutor Maths, Science and English to younger students. Clare has a natural flair for teaching with great compassion and is able to make her lessons fun. Again, Clare is another of our tutors who has achieved outstanding results with her students.

Meet Daniel

Daniel is a very highly recommended Maths tutor who has encouraged students to gain their desired A grades. Daniel's patience and understanding along with his passion for his subject, encourages his students to not only enjoy Maths but to gain confidence whilst encouraging develop their eagerness to learn. Daniel is able to tutor from year 4 upwards.

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Meet Andrew

Andrew is an experienced tutor who has experience teaching English Literature and Drama up to students of A-Level competency as well as teaching to adults Performing Arts, Drama and Literature. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and Communication Studies and a Master of Arts Degree in Film Theory and Literature and is passionate about Literature and Language. He has had past experience working as a journalist which provides him with the ability to be flexible and calm under pressure, qualities which he finds particularly helpful when dealing with students learning new/difficult subjects. 

Meet Tom

Tom has been a teacher, instructor, mentor and coach in various fields for over 10 years. He is an experienced English teacher, having taught both domestically and abroad at a wide variety of EFL institutions. He is goal-oriented and results driven. Tom also coaches Weightlifting, CrossFit and Stand Up Paddle Boarding in his spare time.

Meet Jasmin

Info coming soon...

Meet Mark Kelly

Mark is tutoring maths and Science and has a real passion for learning. Mark has a degree in Mathematics and is currently tutoring in both Maths and Science and helping students gain fantastic results.

Meet Joy

Joy has been with us supporting my 10 year old daughter for nearly 3 months now. My daughter needed a confidence boost for maths and also support to understand. My daughter was very anxious at first having a 'tutor' and was quite closed to having support.

Joy came in friendly, open and creative in her ways to manage learning in a clever non-threatening way. A special skill set that left my daughter thinking "maths is not that bad!"

Now additional school home work is 'just done' - no crying, or behavioural issues, and a much happier child!

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Meet Stella

Stella is able to tutor maths to the early years and English from early years onwards. Stella has SEN experience in working with children with autism, Down's syndrome and Cerebral palsy and her caring nature and Kinaesthetic approach to learning makes Stella incredibly popular with our students.

Meet Stephen

Stephen is able to teach Maths, English and ICT. Stephen has had experience of working in both colleges and within the prison service. His relaxed approach puts students at ease

Meet Kibria

Kibria is able to teach English and English as a second language. His in depth knowledge of the English language and with helping those who have English as a second language is quite remarkable.

Meet Niamh

Niamh is currently studying Mathematics at university. Niamh also has a passion for English History and the arts. Niamh is extremely cheerful, polite and enthusiastic. Niamh has experience of teaching within school environments and has helped Hbtutoring students with last minute panics regarding final examinations, Niamh has calmed their nerves helped them to focus and go on to achieve incredible results.

Meet Johnathan

In over five years of tutoring, Jonathan has helped students from primary school to university improve their academic performance in maths and sciences. He believes in guiding students to greater understanding that lasts beyond the lessons. Jonathan can also help prepare for the SAT and entrance to American universities.