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One of the most important subjects under threat – Geography

It was with a heavy heart this week that I read research which indicated fewer students are choosing to study Geography. Why do I feel sad about this?

In the current climate of global warming and reading daily about how we can all contribute to being environmentally friendly. I think we all want to do our bit to help the environment.

The article which I was reading was a very interesting piece from the herald


Geography is so important, now more than ever. Geography provokes questions and answers regarding the differing human and natural world. Students get to study the fascinating maps and this leads onto to observing weather fronts as well as the huge variety of clouds we have and the varying weather they bring with them.

Geography is one of the few subjects which enable students to study the area which they live in. This could be the scenic sights of Scotland, through to the wetlands of Wales, through to the lush Limestone of Lakeland. Each of these areas has something to teach us, and Geography is the subject which just keeps on giving us more and more knowledge about our planet, world cultures and environments.

  • Why should I study Geography

The study of Geography can allow students the opportunities to identify areas which have the biggest impacts to our environment Technology has made the world appear smaller, however it has also enabled geography students a deeper understanding of the planets and factors which induce change The study of geography also explores foods, religion, culture and landscape. Students who study these elements of geography are in high demand. Geography students are among the least likely to find themselves unemployed, and are often in work within 6 months of graduating

  • Where will the study of Geography Take me?

Students who study the fascinating areas of Geography can find themselves having no trouble gaining employment. The following link will show you the many job opportunities available to you.


  • How to get the best start to Geography Education

It is well known that students want to reach their full potential and as parents we want to help our children whichever way we can to make the right choices and get the best results. HB Tutoring are always at hand to help with maximising knowledge and studies in all subjects. Family life is very busy and as parents we are not always equipped to assist our children with their studies. HB Tutoring have tutors who are very knowledgeable in the subject of Geography, they are able to attend your home and work on a 1-1 basis, and have time to liaise with parents after the lesson. As a well-established tuition we know how to get the best results for students. Our approach is unique to us and our success is apparent with our students’ results.


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