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How To Help My Child Prepare for 11+ Exam

As Parent we all want the best for our children and we will do everything within our power to give them the best start with their education, hoping this will lead to extended opportunities later on in their education and working life. As the competition for school places is continually increasing each year , this then is leading to tougher entry requirements’  Tutoring can be essential for children and parents alike. HB Tutoring have many tutors who are able to assist with preparing students for their 11+ by using specifically targeted resources. An excellent article which offers guidance for parents whose children may be sitting the 11+ examinations can be found in the following link:


When Is The correct time To request a Tutor

The earlier the better is the general rule in helping students prepare for the 11+ entrance Exam. Why? Well the last thing we want to do is to have a student become stressed and anxious due to the pressure of an impending exam. What we do want to ensure is that students have formed good habits of organising their study time and are also in agreement of the importance of their studies. Family’s often have a tutor from reception ensuring their child is focused, enjoying learning and has the confidence in all subjects. This ensures their child has already formed excellent study habits and is working at the full potential. Of course this may not convenient or the wishes of every family. It is therefore imperative that families request the services of a tutor as and when they feel it is the right time for their child.

Practice Papers Under Timed Conditions

An area which regularly catches students by surprise is just how fast the time passes by when completing 11+ exam papers.   The tests themselves often last between 45 mins to 1hr and 15 mins. It is essential for a tutor to work with students on their times keeping and to work quickly, whilst at the same time being judicious about the time spent on each question. It can be a very good idea to practice a few past paper 11+ tests at home under test conditions to help prepare students by following these guidelines:

  • Ask your student to scan and identify the questions which hold the most marks
  • The tutor will provide a running commentary throughout the test paper i.e were almost half way through our time’, we have been on this question for five minutes now’
  • Emphasise the importance of allowing time to read back through the paper at the end of the exam
  • After a few papers ask the student to provide their own commentary as they work through the papers.
  • Aim for the students to explain how they are going to organise themselves throughout the paper.
  • Is Anyone Able to Take the 11+?

The majority of Grammar schools have catchment areas and require students to be living within the catchment area by a certain date.

Some schools which may not have a catchment area can be referred to as ‘Super selective’ these schools anyone can apply and selection is down to the examination results. Some grammar schools may be faith schools and parents may be requested to show proof of observance within their faith.

We will put our Child in For the 11+ and See What Happens

It is essential that parent s prepare their child for the 11+ and take all steps possible to ensure they have given the best chance possible to their child. Without the correct preparation, tuition and practice past papers, you risk your child feeling disappointed should they not pass as well as damaging their confidence.

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