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The Common Entrance Exam. 

Any educational admissions process can be stressful for students, and the Common Entrance exam is no exception. This is a varied set of examinations across all subjects which assess a students all round performance in order to gain entry into their preferred school.

  • Many people believe that the common Entrance exam applies to much pressure upon the average 13 year old.  However the Common Entrance exam is perfect for getting children prepared for the externally marked GCSE’s, and A levels.  The pressure of exams is something which children have to get used to and they are going to constantly be put to the test and pressure of exams throughout their schooling and this will continue into their further education and also into their working life. Therefore teaching children how to deal with the pressure from an early age is a most important factor.  As well as teaching your child how to revise and study is equally imperative.

HB Tutoring have tutors who are expert in this field of working with students to help them prepare and study for the Common Entrance exam. The subject covered by the common Entrance Exam include:

Optional Tests Include:

The school which your child attends will be able to provide you with more specific information  regarding the content of the Common Entrance Exams, as it obviously wouldn’t be appropriate to issue a child with a Latin paper if they have just commenced studying the subject the previous week.


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