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Our top return to school tips to help your child

It’s understandable that we may all be feeling an element of anxiousness as we broach the road out of lockdown and the return to schools, I’m sure, as we have, you have lapsed into your own time frame which is somewhat slightly relaxed compared to the routine of the full school day. So, what can we start to do to prepare for the return of our routine and the school day?

  1. As many of us have lost our sense of routine, in this time leading up to the return to school, try to get back to the routine which you had during term time. The biggest part of this is regulating our sleep patterns.
  2. Focus on the positives, we can all be slightly negative bias, as we are often inclined to focus on the negative as appose to the positives. Start to look forwards to getting back to school, the meeting up with friends etc., once we get to this point, we can also meet up with friend outside of school.
  3. Over the past year of COVID-19 uncertainty has become part of our daily lives, therefore we must encourage students to discuss any anxiousness which they may have. Students are bound to have mixed feelings about returning to school, give reassurance and guidance about steps schools are taking to ensure safety.
  4. Remember to look out for others – This is most important as if we all look out for each other studies have proven that when looking out for each other we also become happier within ourselves too Once back at school people will react in different ways so be prepared to accept how others may act.
  5. Routines at school will be different and schools will develop their own routines in order to comply with government regulations, timetables may be slightly different, classrooms may be set up differently – however, just go with the flow, embrace the change and you will get through this.

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