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It seems as if we have just returned from our holidays, however, half term is looming and then around the corner, before you know it, yes, and it’s mock exam time.

But are the mock exams to be taken seriously? After all they’re not the final examinations.

  • Mock exams allow students to identify their weaknesses and learn to build on them. Mock tests create bench marking tools for students to use.
  • Mock exams allow students to get used to time management, its far better – although not ideal to run out of time on a mock exam than in the final exams.
  • After each test students should find the time to analyse what went well, what could have gone better, and how to prepare themselves for the final exams
  • Mock exams allow students to identify areas which need to be improved on
  • Students can gain confidence

Mock exams are taken very seriously in all schools and should also be taken just as seriously with students. When the results are given out for the mock exams, this is when the panic can set in, especially those students who are just below their predicted grades.

This is when tutors become stretched to the limit as everyone wants the most experienced tutors some tutors are also examiners themselves, obviously these tutors are taken up very quickly and it’s therefore imperative to be requesting tuition well in advance in order to get the most experienced tutors.

It’s not however, just tuition which is important. Many people overlook the importance of exam technique. Having good exam technique as well as subject knowledge stands students to be very well prepared to get the best results possible. At HB Tutoring our GCSE tutors always teach additional exam technique and use lots of past paper practice for students. This is imperative for us to help students get their best possible outcome for their exams and to ensure students don’t run out of time and have to shut their papers leaving all of the questions containing the most marks left blank.

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