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Hiring a private math tutor is the most effective way to improve

Maths is a subject which many people find challenging. HB Tutoring LTD can help your child achieve their full potential by allocating a suitable tutor to match your family’s requirements. Hiring a HB Tutoring private math tutor provide students with logical, easy to follow step by step approach to understanding: equations, trigonometry, fractions and Pythagoras and many more areas of the curriculum.

There is not a more effective way to learn and to acquire a deep understanding of a subject is to be working on a 1-1 with a tutor who is working within his specialist area. With each week the student and tutor work together a relationship of trust builds with the family and the student, ensuring students feel confident to ask for support, vocalise if they have not fully understood an area, as well as being available in-between tutor appointments should the ‘ wheels fall off ‘ which can happen with homework or just as pressure builds as students head towards an important test or assessment. A HB Tutoring private math tutor will liaise with schools at the parent’s request ensuring an effective lesson is planned each week.

Whether you have a child in the primary years, or who is approaching the GCSE exams, A level or university. HB Tutoring has the appropriate qualified tutor. We conduct an initial meeting to ensure we have selected the correct tutor prior to lessons commencing.

Many students ask “what is the need to study maths, I’m not going to need half of the things we are taught”. When this question goes unanswered students can become ‘stuck’ as this is at the forefront of their mind. Private math tutors teach following the curriculum and exam board requirements as well as bringing real life mathematical problems into the lessons, this allows students to identify t5he importance of using maths on an everyday basis. Once students start to make this connection, they are then able to over come initial barriers as they make connections in real life situations.

Maths FAQ’s

Why is mental Maths important?

Mental maths stimulates the right-hand side of the brain, where as maths skills stimulates the left side of the brain. By stimulating both the left and the right side of the brain we are able to unlock powerful thought processes.

What is the difference of Maths and Arithmetic?

Maths covers many areas and can be defined as the study of measurements, quantities numbers and symbols. Arithmetic is a branch of maths which deals with the properties of numbers.

How will a private math tutor help my child?

An HB Tutoring maths tutor will work closely with the student as well as the family as they report back directly to the parents after each lesson. The tutor will prepare the student for up coming tests or exams. As the tutors work on a 1-1 basis focusing on specific areas, students start to gain confidence and understanding within the subject of maths. This therefore significantly improves a students attitude as well as their ability toward the subject, this enables them to succeed independently within the school environment as well as improving their attitude to learning.

Are HB Tutors qualified private math tutor?

All of HB Tutoring maths tutors are qualified teachers, all of whom have had class room experience. Some of the tutors are examination officers and some also write for the exam boards. All of our tutors have a current DBS check which we have on the update service. We have male and female tutors, younger and older tutors, this enables us to listen to your request and contact an appropriate tutor to your family.

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