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The push for students to access the curriculum from a very early age is sweeping across the U.K. This is aimed at children as young as primary school to get an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum and acquire a deep knowledge of maths from a very early age. The phrase we hear a lot of is ‘maths mastery’ with the correct teaching, time and patience all students are able to achieve maths mastery.

What is maths all about?

A maths tutor at HB Tutoring – Dawn Evans, is a charted mathematician. She has worked for HB Tutoring for a number of years and has achieved fantastic results. It is not the dealing with numbers which Dawn enjoys, it’s also the ability to manipulate them quickly and easily, this encourages students to start thinking more in-depth towards maths and the use of the mathematical areas in everyday life.

Dawn instils confidence in students and helps students to try problems out without the fear of failure. As we start to hear the count down towards the exams Dawn understands the importance of achieving good GCSE results and offers students useful tips to help them prepare.

Dawns Maths Mastery Top Tips:

  1. Become confident and fluent with number bonds – Addition tables.eg knowing automatically all numbers which add up to 10 or 20 for instance.
  2. Always on the must know list. Multiplication tables.
  3. Know your way around your calculator and become confident using all of its functions.

The Education Endowment Foundation suggests students using calculators systematically obtain a greater understanding of fluency and arithmetic.

To succeed at GCSE the key is for lots and lots of practice such as completing past papers, getting to know your way around the exam paper as well as getting your timing right to ensure you don’t fall short of completing the paper.

The role of a maths tutor is a very important role indeed. HB Tutoring have devised a very comprehensive revision and learning strategy. We also help our students combine subjects such as having tuition from a specialist maths and science tutor.

We have GCSE examiners working for HB Tutoring who are able to offer guidance and assess work from student. In addition to this we can create a video lesson bespoke to a student’s requirements. This could be on a particular area which you may have difficulty remembering i.e. Pythagoras etc., or it may be using the scientific calculator with accuracy. Whichever area you have difficulty in we can create a tutorial video which can be referred to time and time again.

Why is HB tutoring different?

  • HB Tutoring offers all students a much bespoke service tailored to student’s needs, for students aged 4-44 we will fit around family life, work commitments and extra-curricular activities.

Our maths and science tutors are able to attend to your home, all tutors are DBS checked and qualified to teach within their specific field.

  • HB Tutoring acknowledge there are some tricky areas within all subjects, to help with this we are able to provide an educational video bespoke to students requirements, this can then be stored to be viewed as many times as required.
  • HB Tutoring examiners are on hand to answer any queries students may have, past papers can be issued to them in order for an accurate grade to be issued.
  • At the start of tuition students will obtain an over view of the curriculum identifying all areas to be covered at their particular stage in their learning, exactly why a maths and science tutor can be a great choice.
  • Regular progress reports are sent to parents
  • We liaise with students schools requesting half termly test results and plans, requesting where marks may have been lost within the test. We use this info to build on difficult areas and thus assist in the progression of students, we share this info with tutors and parents and this helps to pinpoint specific areas of focus.

If you would like to have a friendly informal chat with us regarding a maths tutor at any level please call a member of our team on: 0333 335 5139

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