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Children and adults who live with dyslexia are both very gifted and creative, after all, most of the world’s famous leaders and inventors were/are dyslexic.

Children with dyslexia can quickly start to feel they are not as good as their peers, or they can’t carry out lots of academic work which schools may put in front of them. Outside of the classroom they may be labelled as clumsy or forgetful. I think we need to change the way dyslexia is looked at and start to look at the approach of teaching rather than the child. A good teacher can do wonders for a child’s confidence, likewise a match between pupil and teacher which is not the best match can do so much to lower a student’s confidence.

Every student has something to offer, it could be music, creativity or imagination in storytelling. A child’s strength should be encouraged and any areas which pose a difficulty need to be handled carefully ensuring confidence is increased and not quashed.

At HB Tutoring we use a range of learning techniques which are included within our packages. We believe too get the best out of a student’s education we have to select the tutor most appropriately matched, we also offer access to our learning platform and practical activities. Students with dyslexia do need to explore a problem repeatedly in order to fully understand what is required. It would therefore be inappropriate for a tutor to attend a student once per week, then for the student not to have worked until the next meeting. Having access to our resources allows repetition and discovery which then leads to mastering techniques.

A person with Dyslexia should not have to adapt to the way ‘the system’ thinks we should learn and at the pace which is required. Rather everybody should be included and unsure we can all learn from each other’s strengths.

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