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An online English tutor can help to improve other subject grades

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world – yet one of the most important and hardest to learn…. we have the same sounding words with different meanings and different spellings – “there” and “their” or “here” or “hear” for example. For children this is probably very confusing and complicated, however once this language is learned, it is amazing and can be used widely to improve grades in other subjects across the curriculum. Of course, hiring an online English tutor from HB Tutoring will be a huge help.

We use English every day to solve problems, find our way around and following instructions, without even thinking about it. Improving vocabulary gives your child a much bigger range of learning – enabling them to achieve their potential – reading and associating pictures, symbols and numbers to words will not only promote interest in a subject but give a greater chance of achieving good results. By learning English and widening vocabulary your child will develop skills in reading, writing, listening, and talking. They will learn how to describe something verbally and written. Throughout school your child will be given tasks such as essay writing or presentations in any given subject  and  most exams involve reading a question, breaking it down and understanding it before being able to answer it – they need to have an understanding of flow and continuation – in order for the information they are giving to be understood by the listener / reader / examiner. Your child may have to sit an oral exam and converse with the examiner – using an online English tutor and having a wide range of descriptive / alternative words will greatly improve results.

The English language is transferred to every subject, for instance:

Maths – Maths isn’t just about numbers – it’s  about problem solving, analysing data, statistics, averages etc…to understand the numbers we are looking at we need to understand why we are looking at them and what needs doing with them. By looking at numbers your brain automatically transfers the question into words:

2 x 2 = 4 – by looking at these numbers you will read – two multiplied by two, equals four. You learn at a young age the most basic symbol and their definition.












As children grow and advance in education, mathematical problems are often written in words rather than numbers – by understanding definition – your child’s maths results will be higher.

Science – what fun it would be if all we had to do in science was mix chemicals to see what happens – however we need to be able to follow written instructions, to know the dangers, equipment, safety gear, chemical symbols etc…your child having a wide vocabulary will allow them to understand fully what is happening in class and in turn produce higher levels of science work.

Home economics / cookery – we learn all sorts in this lesson – how to budget, plan meals, healthy eating and of course how to follow a recipe – English vocabulary, again being used to describe what is needed and how to use it. Children will use English to understand and follow instructions in order to produce good results….and food!

Having conversations with your child and reading with them from a young age will only add to their skills and improve their chances of success – which for all of us is our ultimate goal.

I used to start the morning with my year 3-4 class looking at various news articles, the articles which inspired the students the most were most often the science related features, this lead the children to want to investigate further and explore the science. They would negotiate with each other, write reports, problem solve and devise diets for astronauts should the article be related to space. The children who lacked English communication skills would often become frustrated and their behaviour could be viewed as more challenging, ensure they release their full potential via our online English tutor finding service.

Listening to the children in the playground is always a delight, listening to them create their own silly rhymes, often inspired by an author which their teacher may have just read to them. It’s wonderful to listen to children to have the confidence with their language to create idiom, rhymes etc.

Our online English tutors have classroom experience and are able to teach the curriculum to students from ages 3-16, it could be preparing them for their SATS, GCSE and any year group in-between.  Our teachers have access to past papers, they will work on exam technique and work with students on their English Literature as well as the poetry aspect of the GCSE curriculum.

A few of our teachers are also English examiners, these teachers obviously have the additional experience of not only preparing students for the GCSE, but also the marking of the papers, their added knowledge is invaluable with helping students achieve those higher marks.

Our tutors come to the home or can work remotely online, should you wish to opt for an online English tutor, then why don’t you contact us and we can request a tutor makes an initial contact with you , giving you a chance to ask them any questions prior to deciding if you wish to go ahead. The earlier contact is made the quicker students are able to move forwards and prepare for their transition to the next year group.

If you would like to have a friendly informal chat with us regarding an online English tutor at any level please call a member of our team on: 0333 335 5139

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