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How do I write an Essay?

Firstly, when having to produce a written essay always make sure you carry out lots of research on your chosen subject, make notes, and use highlighters to identify key parts of your topic and to help with the organisation of your work. Use your literacy skills to create your argument or your main point of focus – now, all we need to do is to do is to get this on paper and make sure your essay writing stands and wows your teacher.

Getting Down To the Nitty Gritty

As you read through your research notes make sure you can back up any arguments and identify with them opposite side of the arguments, if you can show that you are able to identify with the opposite side of the argument and keep things all very amicable your view will be represented even stronger.

Now just like mixing a cake, make sure your quotes and evidence are evenly distributed throughout your essay. Nobody wants to read a piece of writing where they are able to see the writer has placed all research into  the first part of the writing,  then leaves the rest of their work quite empty. Yes, evenly mixing up the ingredients of the essay makes your work much more interesting for everyone’s taste. And remember, when planning any written piece of work you can’t have too many sticky notes!!! These can be invaluable.

The basics of writing are always going to be the same and of course are greatly helped by having strong English skills. Remember PEE paragraphs???  Point, Evidence and Explanation and then how this links to your argument you wish to make.

Make sure your writing has structure and plan each paragraph, if you have a word limit work out approximately how many words you will need in each area. It will only add to the workload if you are way over or under your word requirement, so keep a careful watch on this area.

At the end of your essay always remember to reference any additional resources where you may have taken quotes from.

Always remember HB Tutoring are here to help if you need us.

Good Luck


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