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Home Schooling Should I? /Shouldn’t I?

If you ask different people this question you’re sure to get many a varied response, more so if you ask the children.

Home schooling has so many advantages, as parents you obviously have a more hands on approach to your child’s learning progress and are not subject to two 10 minute parents evening sessions per year, and let’s face it, this is not nearly enough time to discuss your child’s wellbeing at school, strengths and difficulties. As home-schooling is on the increase there are many groups who meet up so that children get the opportunity to mix with others and take part in activities. Speaking of activities, home-schooling allows parents and children to choose which physical education to take part in, there is the rounder’s at a local park with other home-schooled children, then swimming, horse riding etc. there are just no restriction as there may be within a school as obviously there is a cost giving these opportunities to a class of 30 children. I feel the following article sums this up beautifully regarding the benefits of Home schooling.


No child is born with any negativity in them, however once within a school environment this can emerge as a defence mechanism as children protect themselves. Home schooled children are able to be taught to have the respect required as they meet others and the ones I have met so charming and a real credit to their parents.

Our outdoor world is just bursting with learning opportunities as children can use science to learn about plants, habitats and trees. What better way to learn about these then to put on wellingtons and go and discover for ourselves. Maths and English can also go at our child’s pace so they never feel as though they are in top set, bottom set or anywhere in between as learning is tailored to their needs and at their pace.

Once at GCSE level students can still sit their exams as any other student does, they are just placed in as external candidates, and all of the course work etc. can still be submitted to the relevant examination boards. Should you require any help in home schooling HB Tutoring have had many years of doing this Just contact us to find out how we can help, we’d love to hear from you

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