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It’s now getting very close to the time of year when some of us have children who are about to embark on their exams.

Yes I agree this is a stressful time for our children, however, if like me you also find it stressful to yourself, after all we have always been there to help our children and we want to make things better for them, however, this is one time where we feel a little helpless to say the least.

We want to help them, although we are faced with the disgruntled teenager stating we know nothing!! Well, we may be limited in how to help them with their studies, but, I would like to offer some help to fellow parents on how we can help our teenagers at this stressful time.

How? You may ask

Through food I say

Did you know the nutrients in some foods and help our children?

Here are my top 5 foods and why I believe they should have the top 5 status

Milk contains B12 vitamins which helps the brain and nervous system , it also regulates sleep

Eggs contain choline, b vitamins and minerals as well as polyunsaturated fats which help produce memory function

Goji Berries
These are amazing little berries, they contain high levels of choline  which our liver uses to relax nerves

Pears are jam packed with high antioxidants as well as being full of minerals and vit C, promoting the relaxation of nerves

Cherries contain melatonin known to help promote sleep and to regulate our sleep cycle

Further advice is available on the below link which may be useful for students



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