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Use a professional home school tutor for the best results

I am regularly asked if getting a home school tutor really helps a child. Tutoring has been around as long as education itself, as also shows no signs of slowing as the demand for private tuition is shown to be increasing each year. It’s estimated that approx. 25% of children receive tuition at some point throughout their education.

Tuition helps children at all stages throughout their education. Having a good, qualified and patient tutor can do wonders for a child’s confidence and help them to exceed at school. Tuition can also help students who may doubt their abilities, or have anxiety, a tutor then enables students to be able to have a designated person to which they build up confidence with and really work with the tutor. This partnership tutor, student and family is essential to ensure students get the most from private home school tutor.

At HB Tutoring we take the extra step of liaising with the school should parents wish us to do this. By doing this we are able to identify work being carried out within schools as well as identify with tests coming up and request test results. Many schools get into a routine of sending info half termly or weekly, which ever they feel is most effective for the student.

As students approach their exams tutors are able to focus on the all-important exam technique and guide students through a past exam paper identifying where marks can be maximised as they go through the examiner’s report.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Home School Tutor

  • Builds confidence in children of all ages
  • Peace of Mind for Parents and children
  • Reduces anxiety within children regarding their work
  • Provide Advice for examinations and 11+ tuition
  • Make education personal
  • Broaden your child’s education
  • Makes life easier and more enjoyable for the student
  • Helps your child to create routine for study
  • Ensures children don’t fall behind at school

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