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I’m sure you all know my passion for education, as well as my belief that education should not be a ‘one size,  fits all’ solution.

All children and people are individuals with a variety of strengths and weaknesses – some more than others!! So you can, therefore, imagine how astounded I was to be invited onto Radio Newcastle to talk about my business HB Tutoring.

As the pre-interview nerves increased and I approached the BBC studios with my abundance of notes of points which I wanted to get across. I had one chance of getting this right and to get my love of education and the belief that all children can achieve excellent results with the correct teaching, I felt I was ready for everything which they could possibly ask… However what I hadn’t factored in was I required my glasses to read all of these notes, which I had forgotten, therefore the notes were useless as they were one large blur! Instead,  I just spoke from the heart, speaking of what children want to achieve, their challenges they may face as well as the restraints schools have in teaching a large diverse group of children who may-be all sat in one classroom together. Then we spoke of the benefits of using HB Tutoring who not only work on a 1-1 with individual children, we also liaise with each of our student’s teachers on a half termly basis. Working all together as a team is what brings support to the children and encourages them to excel.

Why not take a listen to the HB Tutoring Newcastle Radio interview – no written notes required!!

Please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you.

Yours truly,
Helen Boyle
Founder – HB Tutoring

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