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How to prepare my child in going back to school: Reintroducing Reading

 Now we’re reaching the beginning of the end of summer, many of us will be thinking about how we can help our children readjust to school life again come September. After a strange few months in particular, where some age groups won’t have seen their school desks in a good few months, it is natural for children to feel anxious and daunted about the prospect of returning to their usual routine.

Life under lockdown in particular, even more so than in previous summers, has meant that many of us have had to spend even more time at home than would be usual. So what can we do to help? In order to prepare your child to get back into school routine after such a long break, we have thought up some useful steps for you, which we will post each week in this blog series ‘How To Prepare My Child In Going Back To School’.

One of the first things we can do to get our child back into a pattern of thinking in an academic way is by setting regular times in the day for reading, as opposed to console gaming or other forms of play. In particular, we can ask them to choose for themselves a non-fiction book, such as the Horrible Histories series or a DK Children’s Book, which will reawaken their interest in learning, without seeming over-tedious for them. In allowing them to roam in a bookshop, whether safely in person or supervised online, and allowing them to choose their own reading materials (though with our gentle guidance and oversight), we ease their transition from the self-directed time they tend to enjoy in the holidays to the more focused, teacher-directed time they experience in school.

By setting a few hours by each day for their engagement with the page rather than the screen, we will also aid their ability to concentrate for longer periods. In allotting a fixed time for reading every day, we also prepare them to more easily slip back into their class schedules come September. 

Please check again for this week for more tips on ‘How To Prepare My Child In Going Back To School’.

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