Private tutoring

Is your child unable to reach their full potential because of a busy family life or unable to keep up with the rigours of their academic life? With private tuition, your child will get the best learning material available, coupled with the latest teaching methods.

• One to one mentoring
• Bespoke lessons to suit your child’s learning pace

All academic subjects made easy!

If your child needs tuition for all academic subjects, don’t hesitate to get in touch. The tutors at HB Tutoring are friendly and knowledgeable. Our private tutors can also cater to children with learning difficulties such as Dyscalculia. Serving York, Durham, Northumberland and surrounding areas. We are a member of The Tutors’ Association and have begun Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in China.


Are you passionate about teaching school level music, Maths, English and Science? If you have the requisite skills, together with friendliness and professionalism, get in touch with us right away! 

Do you need a private tutor in Newcastle, York, Durham, Northumberland and surrounding areas?

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