Find out what some of our happy pupils and
parents have to say...

* Can you pass on our huge thanks to George. Kieran received a B grade in Maths, Physics, chemistry and Biology. George brought out Kieran's confidence and made him believe in himself.

* Thank you for helping Sophie receive an A grade in Maths. It was great to receive the outline of the curriculum so we could track what Sophie was learning and help her to revise.

* We are really happy with the tuition we receive from Paul for our son Jack. Jack has gained both confidence and a love for both Maths and English. It really helps getting half-termly feedback from both yourself and the school when you contact e-school on our behalf. 

* Mia was apprehensive about receiving tuition, now she really looks forward to Helen coming to tutor. Helen uses lots of practical resources which Mia loves to use. Mia is encouraged to always try her best and is rewarded by certificates which arrive via the post. Always a bonus for children.

* Paul tutored me through my accountancy exams. He was very flexible fitting in around my shift work. Paul ensured I was prepared for my exams and I passed with flying colours.

* Hbtutoring has helped Shane enjoy school and get himself into higher sets in Maths and English. This has been done by the company talking with Shane's teachers, making his learning fun and ensuring he succeeds. Shane has kept all of his encouragement certificates which he received from Hbtutoring whilst he was in primary school.